Islamic Finance Training, Institute of Research and Community Empowerment-PT. Bank DKI

Menjadi mitra sejati dalam mengeksplorasi kebenaran Islam dalam dunia ekonomi, bisnis, manajemen dan pemberdayaan masyarakat.

Islamic Finance Training, Institute of Research and Community Empowerment-PT. Bank DKI

April 15, 2019 Acara Kegiatan Training 0


The Institute of Research and Empowerment Community (IRCE) STEI Tazkia, in collaboration with Bank DKI, have organized a Islamic Finance Training for Credit Analyst Officer and Risk Business Unit. This workshop already held at Ibis Style Hotel from 13 to 14 April 2019.

The propose of this training is  providing good understanding of theory and practice on Islamic finance and setting up employee competencies, especially in the area of ​​Islamic finance.

The program of activities is made in the form of training / training to meet the needs, desires and expectations of the participants so that the deepening aspects and understanding of the implementation of the material are a major concern. The training program is given in the form of theoretical exposures and deepened in the form of practice/simulation /case studies and treatment counseling in accordance with Islamic values.

The main material taken is the basic material of Islamic economics and the application of muamalah contracts in Islamic banking financing products. For two days, IRCE experts who is composed by lecturers and practitioners will share their knowledge with and train participants on a wide-range of subjects including; Maqashid Asy-Sharia and the Muamalah Rules for Sharia Banking Operations, Muamalah Application for Sharia Financing Products,  Muamalah Application on Product Funding and Calculation of Yields, Analysis of Financing , Legal Aspects and Financing Guarantee and Risk Management of Islamic Bank Financing


For more information, please contact: IRCE, Tel: (021) 8796 2291-93

E-mail:, Instagram and Facebook: @lppmtazkia

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