Cash Waqf model for MSMEs in Indonesia


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Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Mei 2019


To address the specifi c challenge of fi nancing access, an alternative fi nancing tool for MSMEs is proposed — the Islamic concept of cash Waqf which originated from the Ott oman empire in the 15th century. Briefl y, cash Waqf is a movable type of Waqf where its corpus consisted purely or partially of cash. Of more importance, since the utilization of cash Waqf is permitt ed both in terms of religion and law in Indonesia, is that it can potentially be a successful practical solution to address the lack of fi nancing access


waqf,cash, utilization


Hasan, Shabana & Ali, Mohammad. (2019). Cash Waqf Model for MSMEs in Indonesia. 

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