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  • Covid-19, Maqasid Sharia & Islamic Economic Law: VOSviewer Application


Covid-19, Maqasid Sharia & Islamic Economic Law: VOSviewer Application


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Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Jul 2023


This study aims to determine the map of the development of research on the theme of Islamic economic law from the point of view of the maqashid sharia in the Covid-19 pandemic published by indexed journals. The study was conducted in November 2020. The data analyzed were more than 50 published papers. The object of study is a published journal published in 2020. The data is then processed and analyzed using the VOSviewer application program to determine the bibliometric mapping of the development of Islamic economic law research from the perspective of maqashid sharia in the Covid-19 pandemic. The results showed that the research development map of this theme was divided into 6 clusters. Cluster 1 consists of 10 topics, cluster 2 consists of 10 topics, cluster 3 consists of 8 topics, cluster 4 consists of 7 topics, cluster 5 consists of 6 topics and cluster 6 consists of 4 topics. The findings from this study indicate that the sharia economy and its instruments and products are in accordance with the maqashid sharia, all the aspect of maqashid sharia must be guarded by all parties involved in Islamic economic activities, especially the government in charge of managing state finances while maintaining a balance of prices and can be applied and this concept even become a solution during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the objectives of each sharia economic instrument become more focused and their usefulness in this field can be optimized. All economic instruments in Islam that are based on maqashid sharia are expected to be a solution that reduces the impact of the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic and can continue to be utilized in a sustainable manner.


Covid-19, Islamic Economic Law, Maqashid Shariah, VOSViewer



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