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Implementation of Performance Management on Bank Syariah Mandiri


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  • ISSN: 1941-899X

Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Okt 2017


The success of an organization in achieving its vision and mission depends on the quality of its human resources. Organizational management is essentially a process of human resource management because all organizations must operate through human resources. The quality of human resources is reflected in its performance within the company. Employee performance as a human resource is measured in a formal system called performance appraisal. Performance management is applied to achieve the company's vision and mission through employee competence and performance that match the values contained within the company. The targets of each work unit based on the balance scorecard set by the Directorate. The performance of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) employees is monitored through key performance indicator. Performance appraisal of BSM employees is done periodically every 3 months, ie quarterly review and annual review. The grouping of employee performance through Performance Level (PL) is used as the basis for reward/appreciation from company to employee. Employee PL determination is aligned with the achievement level of the Work Unit and the composition should approach the normal distribution curve form using the PL predicate. Performance appraisal is self through self-assessment and direct superior through interview based on evidence of employee performance activity (self-assessment result). Implementation of performance management in BSM is good so that the company


Performance management, SMART criteria, self-assessment, balance scorecard, engagement