Maqashid sharia-based mosque empowerment index


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Tanggal Publikasi: 17 Mar 2022



This study aims to formulate an index formula for mosque empowerment based on Maqashid Syariah as a measuring tool for the level of mosque empowerment.


This study uses a qualitative and quantitative approach (mixed method). Data collection techniques are carried out by in-depth interviews with experts consisting of academics, practitioners, scholars and regulators. The data analysis technique uses the Analytical Network Process (ANP) with Super Decision 2.10 software to construct the index model structure.


The results indicate that the mosque has a multi-field role, including in the fields of worship, social, education, politics, economy and culture. This study produces an index of mosque empowerment based on Maqashid Syariah, composed of sic criteria, namely, elements of Maqashid Syariah; protect religion, soul, mind, lineage, property and environment. The weighting results of the criteria indicate that maintaining religion is the main criterion with a weighted value of 0.209. Each of these criteria consists of five indicators. Of all indicators, environmental safety is the top priority, with a weighted value of 0.056.


This study is the first comprehensive study that discusses the mosque empowerment index by weighting the ANP method to produce an index of mosque empowerment based on Maqashid Syariah.


mosque empowerment index, Maqashid Syariah, ANP


As-Salafiyah, A., Rusydiana, A.S. and Mustafa, M.I. (2022), "Maqashid sharia-based mosque empowerment index", International Journal of Ethics and Systems, Vol. 38 No. 2, pp. 173-190.

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