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Tanggal Publikasi: 4 Jan 2023


This study aims to analyze the effect of the performance relationship, analyze the contribution, and find out how long the shock period of each variable is; (1) BOPO, (2) FDR, (3) ROA, and (4) ROE against Net Operating Margin at Bank NTB Syariah. This study uses the Theory of Good Corporate Governance approach, then the data is processed using the VAR-VECM and ECM methods on the EViews 12 application. There are two analysis results in this study, the first through the VAR-VECM analysis and the second through the ECM, the results of the VAR-VECM test in the equation model have not found a balance both in the long and short term, but on the other hand there are shocks experienced by the independent variables. NOM through the dependent variables BOPO, FDR, ROA, and ROE worth 60.93%, 9.83%, 7.54%, and 4.74%. While the response level of the BOPO variable was positively responsive by 0.012992 by the NOM variable and was stable in period 25, for other variables such as FDR, ROA, and ROE the response fluctuated and did not experience value stability. In contrast to the results of the ECM test where in this test the variables that have a long-term effect are the BOPO, ROA, and ROE variables with the probability values of 0.000, 0.0081, and 0.0375 while for the short-term period the variables that have an effect are only the BOPO variable with a probability value that is worth 0.0341. Keywords:BOPO, FDR, ROA, ROE, NOM, VAR VECM, ECM.1. INTRODUCTION The development of the Islamic banking industry, especially in Indonesia, has received a good response from users of Islamic banking services, especially in provinces where the majority of the population adheres to Islam, one of which is the Province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) . West Nusa Tenggara Regional Development Bank officially operates fully as Bank NTB Syariah. Bank NTB Syariah is the second Regional Development Bank (BPD) to convert after previously Bank Aceh was successfully converted to Bank Aceh Syariah in 2017 a year before Bank NTB's conversion. Information (Anisah, 2013) suggests the essence of change is that the conditions affected are better than the previous situation, so that the conversion of Bank NTB Syariah is expected to improve regional economic conditions and be able to become




Islamic Bank


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