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The Concept and The Accountable Authority in Zakah Management


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Tanggal Publikasi: 8 Nov 2017


Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a legal obligation of every Muslim. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the leader of an Islamic government, and at once the most accountable party in zakat management, responsible for collecting zakat property from the muzakki and distributing it to the mustahiq. Currently, the main issue is that there are states with a Muslim majority but yet without the right and authority to manage zakat. In fact, zakat is handled by a legal authority in the state or exercised individually. No proper management of zakat property on the part of the government adversely affects zakat management itself, such as the right to implement zakat for Muslim citizens. Zakat management becomes ineffective and inefficient and causes injustice to mustahik. This research discusses zakat management from the viewpoint of its concept and the parties responsible for implementing it based on Islamic shariah, whether by a Muslim or non-Muslim government. Therefore, the government needs to take over responsibility for zakat management because it requires rules and regulations involving many parties. Thereby, only the government will have the legal authority and apparatus to regulate and enforce zakat among citizens. In zakat management by a state, the Muslim government must strongly uphold Islamic shariah and manage justly. As for a non-Muslim government, it must deal justly in implementing zakat management. The implication of this research is that states with a Muslim population need to give attention to the people’s interest in the aspect of implementing ibadah, particularly in affairs of zakat management, particularly by passing legislation and enforcing regulations for zakat for Muslim citizens to exercise their right to implement zakat, without compromising the rights of non-Muslims.



Zakat; kerajaan; pengurusan zakat dalam Islam

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