Three basics of progressive Islamic education

Tanggal Publikasi: 26 Jan 2023


Progressive Islamic education is an educational reconstruction that seeks to function the mind (intelligence) as optimally as possible in religious life, practice experiences and actual problems in education and is able to anticipate changes by thinking projectively (visionary) and acting proactively. This research is classified as a qualitative descriptive research. This study aims to describe the three basics of progressive Islamic education in educational development. This type of research is field research with case studies at MI Muhammadiyah Gonilan and SDIT Muhammadiyah Al Kautsar Gumpang Kartasura. This data collection method is carried out by observation, interviews and documentation, while data analysis is carried out interactively which begins with data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results of the study show that the implementation of the three basics of progressive Islamic education is indicated by special characters in schools, namely smart schools, experience learning and educational for sustainable development. Smart school is carried out by optimizing human reason or thinking ability by balancing science and religion. Experience Learning makes experience a valuable lesson for educational progress, and educational for sustainable development shows that progressive education is always oriented.


Experience Intelligence Progress