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Persyaratan Pengajuan Proposal OR IPSH 2024

admin 1 Des 2023

Persyaratan Pengajuan Proposal OR IPSH 2024
1. SDM Iptek Aktif BRIN dan harus ada anggota dari OR IPSH
2. Kepakaran dan rekam jejak penelitian sesuai proposal yang diajukan
3. Satu (1) SDM Iptek maksimum hanya satu (1) proposal dalam satu skema (Ketua-anggota/ anggota-anggota)
4. Ketua/Peneliti Kepala diutamakan berpendidikan S2 (magister)
5. SDM Iptek (program degree by research BRIN) dapat mengajukan proposal
6. Empat hingga enam (4-6) orang SDM Iptek didukung multidisiplin / keahlian
7. Dianjurkan melibatkan lebih dari satu unit kerja (Pusat Riset) di BRIN
8. Penelitian yang berkolaborasi dengan peneliti asing dan peneliti/akademisi diaspora Indonesia akan diutamakan
9. Dapat melibatkan periset anggota dari luar BRIN sesuai kebutuhan kepakaran (tidak lebih dari 50% dari jumlah anggota tim)
10. Dapat menarik berbagai sumber pendanaan (multi sources funding scheme) dan / atau kemitraan pihak luar BRIN
11. Mempunyai keluaran sesuai dengan yang ditentukan.

Anda Mungkin Suka

British Academy – ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Closing Date: 01/11/2023

Funding available for UK-based early career researchers working with international partners wishing to develop ODA-eligible interdisciplinary projects involving both the humanities and the social sciences.

The British Academy is providing a call for proposals for UK-based researchers across all disciplines within the social sciences and the humanities to develop new international interdisciplinary research that is ODA-eligible. Research may be problem-focused, creatively innovative and exploratory, and should bring together relevant disciplines in both the humanities and social sciences, where appropriate, for maximum impact/effect.

The Academy requires all applications to fundamentally involve and integrate both the humanities and the social sciences.


More info: https://www.myresearchconnect.com/british-academy-oda-international-interdisciplinary-research-projects/

The 9th International Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance Conference (9th IIMEFC)

The 9th International Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance Conference (9th IIMEFC)

Accelerating Digitalization in Sharia Economy and Finance for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the Post Pandemic Recovery"

25th – 26th October 2023 (Hybrid Mode - Online and in Person), Jakarta – Indonesia



The 9th International Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance Conference (IIMEFC) and call for papers shall be held as part of the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2023. This conference will cover topics published in the Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance (JIMF) year 2023 that arise from the development of the global Islamic economy in an environment of new normal and digital transformation. JIMF is an international peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Bank Indonesia Institute which has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS. JIMF publishes important research contributions to a wide range of Islamic economics, monetary, and finance, including work along empirical, methodological, and theoretical lines.



The purpose of this “Call for Papers” are 1) to serve as the avenue for some desirable areas and questions in the field of Islamic economics and finance and to list and reiterate the topics that arise from the development of the global Islamic economy in an environment of new normal and digital transformation. 2) to discuss issues with respect to strengthening the ecosystem of the Islamic economy in the new normal, within the Islamic economics and finance frameworks. The 9th International Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance Conference (9th-IIMEFC) will provide an ideal platform for dialogue and discussion among practitioners, academics, higher-degree students, researchers, as well as policymakers around the world.



The Sub themes of the-conference cover but not limited to the followings:

  • Digital Transformation and Role of Islamic Economy
  • Islamic Monetary Policy in the Post Pandemic and Digital Era
  • Islamic Financial Development and Cyber Currency
  • Islamic Economic and Finance for Inclusive and Sustainable Development
  • Integration Islamic Commercial and Social Finance in Digital Era
  • Digital Innovation in Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship and the Role of Digitalization
  • Green Economy and Finance under Islamic Perspectives
  • The Islamic viewpoints on Global Talent Development in Digital Era
  • Recent Development and Innovation in Halal Industry



Registration and Submission Open  : 14th March 2023

Deadline for Submission of Final Paper : 31th July 2023

Acceptance Notification of Accepted Papers : 25th September 2023

Conference Dates : 25th – 26th October 2023



Keywords for the article 2 - 4 keywords are sufficient; JEL Classifications: 2 - 4

Only full papers along with the abstracts, maximum 10,000 words, should be submitted and follow a scientific approach, which include but not limited to:

Title: The title of the article should be no more than 12 words;

Introduction; Literature Review; Methodology; Results and Analysis

Conclusion and Recommendation



JIMF (Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance) with rewards;

Authors are recommended to follow the guideline of the respected Journal in the website.

Registration and submission of Full Paper can be done electronically through:  https://submit.confbay.com/conf/iimefc2023  



There will be Best Papers Awards with prize money



Free registration

Index by : Scopus | Sinta S1


Detail Info:


Call for Paper - Jurnal TIFBR

Dear Colleagues and Researchers,

We are excited to announce the Call for Papers for the Journal TIFBR! We invite scholars, researchers, and experts in the field to submit original research papers and contribute to the vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange.

*Submission Deadline*: 
10 October                 : Full Paper Submission
1 November               : Publish

We welcome papers on a wide range of topics related to Islamic Economics. Finance and Accounting Studies including but not limited to:

Islamic Economics
Islamic Finance
Islamic Business
Islamic Accounting and Managemnt
Islamic Social Finance: Waqf, Zakat, Microfinance

For detailed submission guidelines and more information, please visit our website: https://tifbr-tazkia.org/index.php/TIFBR/about

We look forward to receiving your submissions and engaging in fruitful discussions. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (+44 7846 068489 (Wiku S))

Thank You.




30th – 31st August 2023 (Hybrid Mode - Online and in Person), Malang – Indonesia


Website, Registration & Submission: https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=3rdichsos2023


SDGs are the commitment of world leaders to be able to defend the world in a sustainable manner. Indonesia is no exception, as it is participating, although currently it is ranked 92nd based on the SDGs index. In response to this, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is holding an International Conference on Humanities and Social Science (ICHSos) with the theme "Towards Economic Sustainability and Social Equality in the Technological Era," which will be held offline on August 30, 2023. This ICHSOS event is an international seminar, the third ever hosted by UMM. 
The purpose of this international seminar is to invite all parties who have an interest in global issues regarding social technology and social humanities, one of which is improving the quality of the education and training system, adding insight to all stakeholders at the international seminar and opening international forums where participants have the opportunity to convey ideas, experience, expertise, and knowledge regarding global issues regarding social technology, practice, and educational development as an effort to develop quality in the field of education and training.


The Sub-themes of the conference cover but not limited to the followings:
• Economic Development
• Accountability and Finance Risk
• Environmental, economic and social benefits of climate change mitigation
• Carbon emissions mitigation
• Accounting for Carbon Emissions
• Zero Waste Management
• Environmental Policies and Planning
• Decision-making and decision support systems for risk and disaster management
• Green Diplomacy
• Green Policy
• Environmental Governance
• Social Inclusion
• Financial Inclusion
• Sustainable Cities
• Innovation Policy
• Urban Governance
• Communication for environmental issues
• Green Social Work


The conference is supported by:
Journal of Innovation in Business and Economics (JIBE) Accredited Sinta 2
Jurnal Reviu Akuntansi dan Keuangan (JRAK) Accredited Sinta 2
Journal of Local Government Issues Accredited Sinta 2
Jurnal Akademi Akuntansi (JAA) Accredited Sinta 3
Jurnal Sosial Politik (Jurnal Sospol) Accredited Sinta 3
Jurnal Manajemen Bisnis (JMB) Accredited Sinta 4
Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi (JIKO) Accredited Sinta 4
Jurnal Partisipatoris (JP) Accredited Sinta 4.


All accepted papers will be published in CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group)


There will be Best Papers Awards with prize money.


1. Full Paper Deadline: 31 July 2023
2. Acceptance Notification: 5 August 2023
3. Payment deadline: 20 August 2023
4. Camera-ready Paper: 25 August 2023
5. Conference Date: 30-31 August 2023


Secretariat ICHSoS 2023
UMM Campus III, Jl. Raya Tlogomas No.246, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Person:
Dwi Irawan +62 857-3248-5677
Happy Febrina +62 818-0511-0022


Detail Info: