Haram Wealth in Contemporary Muamalah


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Tanggal Publikasi: 18 Jul 2017


This book was released on 2017-03-18 with total page 603 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The original versions titled “Harta Haram Muamalat Kontemporer (HHMK)” by Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi, Lc MA has been printed for up to 15 times (March 2017) that produce over than 60.000 copies. Currently this book became a reference in many Islamic studies like radios and television talk show (Indonesia and Malaysia), academia, government, financial institutions and various business communities. This book is the most comprehensive compilation of Indonesia's contemporary fiqh (Islamic Law) that regularly updated with any new business issues. This book is intended to give solutions to maaliyah problems. It provides explanations about forbidden transaction (haram) which are commonly occurred in financial and nonfinancial institutions. Case related to home loan, leasing, pawn shops, credit card, L/C, cheque, stock, bond, short selling, buy on margin, murabahah, mudharabah, loan for pilgrimage purpose, bribery and corruption. Author explores more about forbidden marketing schema such as: MLM (multi level marketing), online trading, promotion, discount, advertisement, and selling the haram products with such as: gelatine, alcohol, formalin, etc. All Those maaliyah problems are resolved scientifically based on Al Qur'an and As Sunnah in this book. Statements (fatwa) from national and international Islamic fiqh council and opinions from scholars that are relevant to the problems are also exposed in order to allow the readers to make comparison. In addition, this book offers Islamic means to make an forbidden (haram) transaction to become permissible. Finally, through chapters in this book, author of this book encourages moslems to purify their wealth from haram transaction.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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