Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi Anwar, MA

Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi Anwar, MA

Magister Ekonomi Syariah

Peneliti LPPM Tazkia




Pengabdian Masyarakat


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Nov 2019

A Model of Maslahah Performance for Higher Education Institution: Case of Institut Agama Islam Tazkia

There are several programs under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in many areas which decreased its performance level until it ended at the closing of the operational permit and even the revocation of the college permits concerned. Organizational performance is a series of performance starting from level of the organization, working units to individuals. The research on performance organization uses university based on maslahah with case study at Institut Agama Islam Tazkia. Purpose this study aims to develop a performance model based on maslahah using the framework of BAN-PT Accreditation, Maslahah Performance (MaP), and Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001. Methods of collection of sample are purposive sampling. Primary data collection techniques by collecting documentation directly and by distributing questionnaires to the ranks of the lecturers and the management of STEI Tazkia. Data analysis techniques by calculating the results of the questionnaire with Likert scale. The results showed that the development model of performance began with the preparation of the vision and mission, strategic objectives. It is suggested to all universities that offer the program of Islamic economics, finance, banking, and accounting; it should have a good vision, mission and objective.


Tanggal Publikasi: 18 Jul 2017

Haram Wealth in Contemporary Muamalah

This book was released on 2017-03-18 with total page 603 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The original versions titled “Harta Haram Muamalat Kontemporer (HHMK)” by Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi, Lc MA has been printed for up to 15 times (March 2017) that produce over than 60.000 copies. Currently this book became a reference in many Islamic studies like radios and television talk show (Indonesia and Malaysia), academia, government, financial institutions and various business communities. This book is the most comprehensive compilation of Indonesia's contemporary fiqh (Islamic Law) that regularly updated with any new business issues. This book is intended to give solutions to maaliyah problems. It provides explanations about forbidden transaction (haram) which are commonly occurred in financial and nonfinancial institutions. Case related to home loan, leasing, pawn shops, credit card, L/C, cheque, stock, bond, short selling, buy on margin, murabahah, mudharabah, loan for pilgrimage purpose, bribery and corruption. Author explores more about forbidden marketing schema such as: MLM (multi level marketing), online trading, promotion, discount, advertisement, and selling the haram products with such as: gelatine, alcohol, formalin, etc. All Those maaliyah problems are resolved scientifically based on Al Qur'an and As Sunnah in this book. Statements (fatwa) from national and international Islamic fiqh council and opinions from scholars that are relevant to the problems are also exposed in order to allow the readers to make comparison. In addition, this book offers Islamic means to make an forbidden (haram) transaction to become permissible. Finally, through chapters in this book, author of this book encourages moslems to purify their wealth from haram transaction.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Tanggal Publikasi: 21 Apr 2020

Bank Infaq: Tinjauan Kritis Perspektif Fiqh Muamalah

This study aims to examine the concept of Bank Infaq from Islamic Jurisprudence Perspective. Bank Infaq is an intermediate organization that organize the fund of charity to improve people's prosperity using financing service. With short term, charity bank uses charity fund (tabarru') as funding instrument and provides financing using single model contracts qordhul hasan. Method: This research uses phenomenology method and depth interview to capture the implementation of charity bank based on its operational procedure and normative descriptive is used to study muamalah and positive law related to contemporary practice above. The normative approach is carried out by reviewing sharia laws relating to the practice of charity Bank, especially in terms of sharia contracts. Result: The result shows for general charity bank has a good aim, concept and action to empower the low society using financial instrument, but its procedure still leave some issues in funding, amil's right and financing. The result of this paper is not only describe and criticize the charity bank according to Islamic jurisprudence but also give some suggestions in sharia perspective to make it better and more barokah.


Tanggal Publikasi: 23 Des 2022

Dropshipping Dalam Perspektif Fiqh Muamalah Kontemporer

This research aims to analysis the dropshipping model according to Islamic jurisprudence. The research is focused in completeness of the terms and conditions of sale and purchase in dropshipping system and how its related to three economic disaster namely zhulm, riba and ghoror. The novelty from this research is dividing the object of transaction into two categories, ribawi goods and non ribawi goods and critisize the arguments that allowed dropshipping transaction. Literature study is used to define the dropshipping model, normative descriptive is used to define the contract in dropshipping according to Islamic jurispridence, content analysis is used to find the syar’i solution for dropshipping. The result shows that the origin law in dropshipping is prohibited (haram) because its contain of riba nasi’ah for ribawi goods and selling before ownership for non ribawi goods. The syar’i solutions that found for dropshipping are modification in ijab qobul, wakalah bil ujroh (the dropshipper become wakil from consumer) and ba’i salam, but the last solution is marjuuh, because the capital is not handed out at the beginning of majlis