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  • Integrating zakat and microfinance: a proposed framework


Integrating zakat and microfinance: a proposed framework


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Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Jan 2020


This chapter bridges the concepts of microfinance and Zakat, and proposes a conceptual framework as a potential strategy to solve poverty. This study employs qualitative approach. Specifically, it performs content analysis on related manuscripts, and conducts a structured interview with selected stakeholders of Zakat institutions. The study proposes that Zakat institution must have a clear definition about which Zakat fund portion should be used for the program. Authors propose the use of amil for the program and it must be given by amil voluntarily and there must be clear mechanism on which deserving categories (asnaf/mustahik) should be prioritised to be the part of the program. In practice, amil can be considered as investors (where Zakat institution distributes and becomes Islamic microfinance institution) or financial intermediary (where the amil distributes and becomes Islamic microfinance institution appointed by the authority).


microfinance, Zakat, poverty, qualitative approach, content analysis, structured interview, Zakat institution, amil, deserving categories, Islamic microfinance institution, investors, financial intermediary



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