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Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Jun 2013


Corruption affects almost every aspects of human life. It’s domino effect widespread on the existence of the nation and the state especially exacerbate the nation’s economic condition. Corruption is not a form of ordinary crime because it was damaging the joints of life’s most basic social ethic that even humanity. The main factor triggering corruption is the internal aspect comes from the private consists of moral aspects, such as lack of faith, honesty, shame, attitudes or behavior of consumption and social life as a family that can drive a person to behave corrupt. While there are external factors that can be traced from the economic aspect. Such as income or salary is not sufficient, political instability, political interests, power, lack of accountability and transparency, and weak law enforcement and social aspects of the environment or the people who do not support anti-corruption behavior. Therefore anti-corruption behavior cultivations can be done through integrity and anti-corruption education. The ASEAN Seminar & Conference: Education ASEAN Societies for Integrity, we hope can make higher education plays a great role in introducing Integrity Education. By collaboration of universities might also positively provide better impact to ASEAN Integrity for Integration.


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