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Islamic Business and Performance Management-
The Maslahah-Based Performance Management System

Book Reference

  • eISBN: 9781003390947

Tanggal Publikasi: 31 Mei 2023


This unique book discovers a new dimension in the study of strategic and performance management in Islamic Business studies. It addresses the missing link of spirituality from modern-day organizational structure in the presence of high-tech pressure in all areas of human endeavours.

The authors propose an integrated study of Islamic business approach to strategic and performance management systems to achieve sustainable organizational performance. The book explores employees’ wellbeing and organizations’ perceiving work environment as a spiritual pathway to cultivate values in Islamic business ecosystem to sustain humanity. It is all about care, empathy, and sustenance of others, about truthfulness and management being truthful to themselves and others and endeavouring to live their values more effusively while performing their work. The book stresses the impact of spirituality in performance management, concluding that for any organization to run efficiently, spirituality is the core component to attain happiness, contentment, and success.

The book will be of interest to a variety of management scholars, including those researching and studying performance management, talent management, strategic management, and business ethics.


Area Studies, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry

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