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Melayu Economic Harmonization Policy: A Social-Economic Approach


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Tanggal Publikasi: 7 Nov 2017


With 7 percent economic growth over the next two decades, China predicted will overtake the United States as a world economic superpower in 2020. Indonesia and Malaysia as the two Serumpun countries since 2006 has been tied to the CAFTA agreement with China and other ASEAN countries. The rapid economic growth of China will bring major impacts on economics and politics in Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia and Malaysia are Serumpun but have a different basic and background of development and economic policy. As a result to face a global economic change, the two countries of Malay react differently. This paper tries to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these two Serumpun countries in terms of national economic policy to face the economic power of China in 2020 and then tried to harmonize the economic policies of both countries such as the two Serumpun countries into a common economic policy, in social economic context.


Economic; Harmonization; Melayu; Policy



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