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Modelling Zakat and Waqf Scheme for Empowering Across-the-board Refugees 

Junral sinta 4

  • ISSN: E_ISSN: 2540-9506 P_ISSN: 2540-9514

Tanggal Publikasi: 12 Jun 2023


The objective of this study is to propose a model of empowering global refugees by utilizing zakat and waqf through Islamic microfinance institutions. The model introduced is an extended model of the model developed by Kachkar (2017) and Indrawan et al. (2018). A thorough review of relevant literature is conducted to develop this model. The proposed approach, referred to as the Integrated Zakat and Waqf Model for Refugees (IZWMR), introduces the zakat element as an extension of the previous model. Additionally, the waqf component of the model includes not only cash waqf but also land waqf, thereby enabling the optimal utilization of idle waqf assets to empower refugees and support their livelihood. This study aims to raise awareness within society about the challenges faced by refugees, provide a comprehensive model to address the global refugee crisis, and create opportunities for the more effective and impactful utilization of Islamic social finance instruments, such as zakat and waqf. The extended model added the micro-takaful concept which provide insurance or risk management solution for micro enterprise operated by refugees who has get entrepreneurship training.


Waqf, Zakat, Refugees, Economic Empowerment


Herman, Sebastian, and Wahyudi Indrawan. “Modelling Zakat and Waqf Scheme for Empowering Across-the-Board Refugees” 8, no. 1 (2023): 55–64.

Herman, S., & Indrawan, W. (2023). Modelling Zakat and Waqf Scheme for Empowering Across-the-board Refugees. 8(1), 55–64.

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