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. The Green Management Practice by Local Government


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Tanggal Publikasi: 12 Jun 2018


in developing countries face an unprecedented challenge to cut annual management budget without compromising the services quality. Local government top management has been pressured by politicians and public to cut costs but keep up high level quality services. Therefore this study has been analysed the use of green management practise among local government agencies to cut the annual budget and protect the environment. The online services are the main element for green management practise by local government for this study. This study interviewed 630 residents to test the online services provided by local government in Manjung, Perak. Out of the total samples, 92 percent respondents use the online services. Meanwhile, 90 percent of respondents are satisfied with the online services. More than 81 percent respondents agreed that online services can be a medium to share their local knowledge to the local government to cut budget and protect the environment. Besides that, the study also found that, the support by consumer and the internet speed have a significant relationship with the online services usage. This study suggested that, local government should increase the online services to reduce budget and protect the environment simultaneously.





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