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Asnan Purba, Lc., M.Pd.I.,QWP,CWC

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Tanggal Publikasi: 31 Jan 2024

Determinants of Brand Advocacy in Academia: Analyzing the Role of Service Quality and Lecturer Competence

his study delves into the interplay between the quality of educational services and lecturer competence at IAI TAZKIA and their effects on brand advocacy. Analyzing data from 305 graduates and students across seven cohorts (2015-2021) and academic disciplines, it employs structural equation modeling (SEM) to explore these dynamics. The findings reveal that while lecturer competence does not significantly impact brand advocacy, the quality of educational services does. Specifically, postgraduate programs are perceived to offer the highest service quality, whereas Islamic Accounting and Islamic Business Management are viewed less favorably. Islamic Broadcasting Communication, a new field, needs more specialized faculty. Regarding lecturer competence, postgraduate students report the highest levels, with Islamic Economics instructors deemed more competent than those in Sharia Accounting, despite the latter's "A" accreditation. Brand advocacy is lowest among Sharia Business Management graduates, whereas postgraduate programs see the highest engagement in brand advocacy efforts. The research aims to position the campus as a benchmark for improving lecturer competence and service quality, enhancing institutional brand advocacy and competitive standing.


Tanggal Publikasi: 30 Nov 2019

Menanamkan Pola Hidup Sehat pada Anak Usia Dini (Studi Kasus di PAUD Darussalam Tenjolaya Bogor)

This research aims to find out how to instill a healthy lifestyle in early childhood in PAUD Darussalam, health is the main base in all human steps because a healthy sense is found in a strong or healthy soul, a healthy lifestyle needs to be instilled from the earliest possible time, to make children. early age used to live healthy. In this case Paud Darussalam has implemented a healthy lifestyle for students in implementing healthy lifestyle activities, among others, making a connecting book as a track record and reports to students from health, eating and brushing teeth, in instilling a healthy lifestyle also in Paud get used to brushing teeth, maintaining health, healthy food, not snacking carelessly, not littering, always washing hands and parenting for students' guardians to open their horizons in instilling healthy patterns in students


Tanggal Publikasi: 22 Jun 2023

The Evaluation of Field Teaching Practice using Kirkpatrick Model

Field teaching practice for students in social studies education deparment in Tazkia has problems from teaching in class and debriefing from campus which is not optimal so that it is necessary to identify it in order to in the future it can take place properly and appropriately. This study aims to evaluate a Field Teaching Practice program to social studies education department student using the Kirkpatrick model. The research method used is a qualitative approach with an evaluation of Kirkpatrick's model which includes reaction, learning, behavior, and result. Data were obtained from interviews and observation. Data analysis techniques used include data collection, data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing/verifying. Data validation techniques were include prolonged engagement, persistent observation, and triangulation. The results show that in the future the social studies education department in Tazkia must improve and develop curriculum, training to strengthen lecturer resources, and design concrete teaching practice programs.
Keywords: Evaluation, Field Teaching Practice, Kirkpatrick’s Model
Submitted: 17 Januari 2023; Revised: 16 Maret 2023; Accepted: 26 Maret 2023


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Jan 2022


This article seeks to discuss the renewal of thought into a Muslim (internal renewal) through the internalization of universal insights in Islam. Islamic declarations and statements are universal and flexible to the demands of the times will be realized through understanding and understanding of Islam itself in a kaffah (comprehensively). This research is a conceptual study by utilizing sources of literature. The author will review data from the source of the library with various points of view to determine the value of Islamic universality, including in terms of theology, law, humanity, anthropology, and psychology. The author will carry out internalization efforts through the cultivation of a strong understanding of insight into Islam. Thus a Muslim will be able to renew the pattern of thinking precisely according to the purpose because renewal without insight is nonsense.


Tanggal Publikasi: 16 Mar 2022


Industrial revolution 4.0 is a tough challenge for education in Indonesia. The fourth industrial revolution (4.0) is changing economies, jobs, and even society. These changes require a strong character, especially religious character, to equip the next generation with good character, high literacy skills, and superior 21stcentury competencies. They were namely being able to think critically and analytically, creatively, communicatively, and collaboratively. Rapid progress in the industrial revolution 4.0 and the global pandemic situation forces every generation to behave and adapt to the current digital world and social media. To achieve these goals and targets, and needs, it is essential that every educator has adequate competence and high militancy by providing education or training both informally and informally so that students can contribute significantly and effectively to Islamic da'wah education in this millennial era.


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Jun 2022


This article aims to examine the codification of the Sunnah by focusing on studies in the 3rd and 4th centuries H, because this is an important phase of the process of bookkeeping sunnah or hadith. The compilation of hadith during the time of the Companions was not significant, because they still focused on the compilation of the Qur'an. Companions are also afraid that the verses of the Qur'an and Al-Hadith will be mixed up if they are recorded at the same time. Many of the Companions still memorized the Hadith of the Prophet, so the tradition of spreading it was in oral form. The need to immediately codify the hadith is increasingly urgent because during the Tabi'in period many fake traditions circulated, especially with political tendencies. This research is a library research with a chronologicalhistorical approach. The results of the study indicate that the codification of hadith at this time took place massively on the initiative of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz of the Umawiya Dynasty and the results of its performance can still be felt today


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Agt 2019

MENDIDIK ANAK DALAM MENCINTAI AL-QURAN: Studi Kasus di TPA Darussalam Al-Hamidiyah Bogor

This study aims to find out how to educate children to love Al-Quran which is carried out in Darussalam Al-Hamidiyah Al-Quran Education Park in Bogor. Education is a conscious effort carried out by someone who already possess knowledge as a means to make better quality as human beings. Al-Quran as a guideline for human life, as a law of living things in it there are many things that must be done by humans as a guide to life for the world and the hereafter. In this case, Darussalam Al-Hamidiyah Al-Quran Education Park as a place for Al-Quran education dedicated to students who are in Tapos Tenjolaya Bogor. This institution has unique characteristics since it is giving students education to love al-Quran. This was seen as an effort to teach student to love al-Quran for the surrounding community. This study applied qualitative descriptive method. This study found that there were several steps in educating student to love al-Quran namely 1. Introducing Al-Quran in their early childhood 2. Forming habit for children to live with al-Quran, 3. Creating and multiplying activities in the Al-Quran Educational Park Darussalam Al-Hamidiyah 4. Creating a climate and atmosphere that was good in the TPA Darussalam Al-Hamidiyah environment. This study also discussed driving factors and obstacles to educating children to love al-Quran.


Tanggal Publikasi: 20 Jun 2020


This study aims to explore ways of effective economic learning in Madrasah Aliyah Sahid, given the importance of effective learning to produce outputs that are expected in accordance with the expectations of Madrasah Aliyah Sahid. In this study the researchers tried to find what steps were taken by the teacher to create effective learning specifically economic lessons both from the methods used by the teacher, the learning model how it was implemented in MA Sahid and how the evaluation was carried out at this institution, and the driving factors, inhibiting factors in effective economic learning activities at Madrasah Aliyah Sahid


Tanggal Publikasi: 23 Des 2022

Madrasah dan Komitmen Keagamaan Masyarakat Kartoharjo, Ngawi, Jawa Timur

Penelitian ini menghadirkan kajian terkait madrasah sebagai lembaga pendidikan dan agen perubahan masyarakat. Madrasah sebagai lembaga pendidikan Islam mengintegrasikan ilmu-ilmu agama dengan ilmu umum. Madrasah merupakan sinergi sistem pembelajaran pondok pesantren yang dipadukan dengan sistem pembelajaran klasikal ala Barat. Keberadaan Madrasah memiliki arti penting pemberdayaan masyarakat dan perubahan sosial (progress) pada masyarakat Indonesia. Teknik pengumpulan data dengan menggunakan wawancara, observasi, angket dan dokumentasi. Berdasar hasil penelitian didapati bahwa “komitmen keagamaan” masyarakat Desa Kartoharjo, Ngawi mengalami perubahan yang signifikan, walaupun secara keseluruhan belum optimal, khususnya pada masyarakat Kartoharjo bagian Tengah dan Barat. Perubahan budaya masyarakat yang terjadi tidak bias dilepaskan dari adanya peran madrasah dalam mendampingi masyarakat terkait pelaksanaan ibadah dan pemahaman keagamaan. Melihat fenomena dilapangan, dapat dilihat bahwa keberadaan siswa dan prestasi Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Muhammadiyah Kartoharjo, Ngawi, Jawa Timur mengalami peningkatan yang signifikan.


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Sep 2020


Every human being especially woman tends to be happy for beauty that is related to the feelings. Many people to look beautiful, they shape the body by medical surgery to beautify her face, sharpen their nose, and change the color of her skin. It is urgen to know how Islam regards this practice. Therefore the paper aims to describe and explore the engineering of body beauty in medical and fiqh analysis. Methodology used for the study is qualitative by using content analysis to analyse Islamic and medical view of the engineering of body beauty. The finding of study is that beautification of the body is permissible in Islamic law as long as it does not change the form of Allah’s creation and does not cause harm in humans which causes disability, illness and others. Regarding disgrace and disability therefore changing its form is permissible in Islam because of natural disability or disgrace and because of certain problems that cause defects in one of the organs of the body. Can be done in a compilation of Islamic law for care or treatment for someone


Tanggal Publikasi: 1 Sep 2019


Jihad is one of the Islamic principles that has evolved over the years. It is negativily being connotated jihad as source of terrorism not only by Western but also some of Muslim people. One of the problems emerged is because of the lack of proper understanding on really meaning and importance of jihad. Therefore, the paper aims to analyse the urgency of jihad in this contemporary time. Methodology used for the study is qualitative by using content analysis to analyse what is the urgency of jihad that have been raised in many literatures. The finding of the study is that urgency of jihad activity is mainly to free Muslim people from exploitation and deterioration. It is needs for worldwide Muslim solidarity that Jihad is not a movement limited to the region, the state but a universal / cosmopolitan movement towards Muslims. In this digital age, jihad is no longer restricted, so the need for a comprehensive and correct explanation of jihad in the current context.